John can write paper and electronic manuals using applications such as:

  • FrameMaker

  • OpenOffice

  • Word

  • WordPerfect

  • XML / XSLT / CSS / DocBook / Dita

Sample manuals range from short booklets to large guides. For some sample manuals, permission was granted to provide only a selection of chapters.


TAL2C converts programs written in HP's Transaction Application Language (TAL) to ANSI/ISO Standard C/C++.


NonStop NET/MASTER is a software application to operate, manage, and monitor HP NonStop server mainframe systems and networks using a non-graphical interface. It includes the Network Control Language. It is currently used by major banks, stock exchanges, and airlines around the world.

NonStop NET/MASTER MS Command Reference Manual

This manual was written for system managers, network managers, operators, and programmers. It describes commands used to control NonStop NET/MASTER, the local NonStop server, and remote networked systems.

NonStop NET/MASTER MS Command Reference Summary

This handy booklet summarises command syntax.

NonStop NET/MASTER MS System Management Guide

Part reference, part task-oriented, this manual was written for experienced system managers and describes how to install, configure, and trouble-shoot. It includes a section on regular expressions.

NonStop NET/MASTER MS Operator's Guide

Designed for system operators, this task-oriented manual includes many step-by-step procedures and screens to simplify operations in busy environments.

NonStop NET/MASTER Network Control Language Reference Manual

This technical manual documents language constructs (such as statements, functions, variables, expressions, and operators) and language internals (such as APIs and compiler operation).