NCL Code

John wrote the documentation for the Network Control Language (NCL), originally for Tandem Computers, and then for HP.

Network Control Language (NCL) is an imperative procedural programming language. It is integrated as system software with HP NonStop NET/MASTER, a software application to operate, manage, and monitor HP NonStop server mainframe systems and networks. NCL is used to customise NonStop NET/MASTER, automate operations, report system and network errors, and so on.

Message Processing Code Samples

These code samples demonstrate NCL message processing techniques:

  • MSGPROC processes messages targetted to a specific user

  • LOGPROC processes log messages

  • EMSPROC processes system messages

File Handling Code Samples

These code samples demonstrate NCL file handling capabilities:

  • DKSADD adds a record to a file

  • DKSGET gets records from a file

  • DKSPUT updates records in a file

  • DKSDEL deletes records from a file