John has worked as a trainer and lecturer, creating and delivering numerous courses and subjects.

John understands all aspects of the documentation development life cycle

  • Planning, scheduling, managing projects

  • Researching, structuring, designing information

  • Writing, illustrating, indexing information content

  • Reviewing, editing, proofreading documents

John can deliver training courses to:

  • individuals, small groups, and large groups

  • public and private companies

  • universities (lecturing in undergraduate and postgraduate IT subjects)

John has delivered training in areas such as:

  • Microsoft Office applications

  • Introductory computer use

  • Introductory and advanced SGML and XML

  • Introductory and advanced Java programming

  • User interface design and evaluation

  • Project management for software development

  • Introductory and advanced NonStop NET/MASTER operations and system management