John is highly regarded by employers and colleagues.

2014: Executive General Manager:
... thank you for your hard work, dedication, determination, and efforts in providing an exceptional response ... you have always been very approachable and willing to assist the team whenever we have asked for help. read read

2011: General Manager:
... you demonstrated the behaviour and dedication which will contribute to NBN Co's successes ... congratulations on an outstanding and very visible contribution. read read

2010: QMS Process Developer:
... a fine mentor and a great sounding-board ... highly experienced and competent technical writer ... professional and ethical ... highly recommend him. LinkedIn

2010: Supply Chain Manager:
... highly methodical in his approach to developing processes ... has the knack of drawing out the detail necessary to capture sometimes complex processes and the ability to render them in whatever form best suits the user ... happy to recommend him to any prospective employer. LinkedIn

2010: Supplier Quality Manager:
... obliging, thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects of presenting and recording data and would be more than happy to recommend him for any future positions. LinkedIn

2010: Manufacturing Engineer::
... refreshing to work with such a competent, adaptable person ... A master who can interpret the inputs coming from various sources and translate them into sensible documents and processes ... I have been able to trust aspects of my work to John and he has not let me down. LinkedIn

2010: Quality Systems Engineer:
... very meticulous in the way he produces his work ... very soft-spoken person and a good listener ... very organised and very professional in his dealings ... always gives his very best on every task given to him. LinkedIn

2008: Lecturer:
... very professional manager ... inherent superior ability to manage people issues whether for staff or his students. LinkedIn

2008: Principal Consultant:
... articulate and knowledgeable business professional with excellent communication skills ... very through and methodical ... always brings his best to his work ... professional and competent business analyst. LinkedIn

2007: Project Manager:
... work is immaculate, his attention to detail impeccable and his ability to deal with complex issues has been fundamental to being able to deliver on time and within budget. ... focussed, highly professional and extremely reliable. read

2007: Associate Professor:
... competent, meticulous and dedicated ... genuine concern for quality and ensuring that things are done correctly the first time ... self-motivated and always keen to achieve the best possible outcome. read

2006: Director:
... excellent employee and shows a professional level of commitment and dedication in all that he does ... a pleasure to work with John and I would not hesitate in recommending him. read

2004: IT Operations Manager:
... performed these duties in a very professional manner, under quite difficult conditions ... resulted in a major improvement in the operational documentation ... I would not hesitate in recommending John. read

2004: Senior Software Engineer:
... tenacious and thorough - excellent assets when developing help documents and products, and also invaluable in product testing ... would not hesitate to recommend John. read

2003: Consulting Software Engineer:
... meticulous, hard-working and determined to make sure his writing is technically correct as well as applicable to the target audience. read

2003: Business Manager:
... contributed immensely to the development and success of the company's products, providing a very high level of attention to detail, providing input and guidance to the development team and generally contributing to the professionalism and excellence of the group. He is a thorough, conscientious and skilled technical writer. read

2003: Managing Director:
... diligent, honest, self-motivated and meticulous with very high standards and work ethics. I would have no hesitation in employing him again if the situation arose and have no hesitation in recommending him for whatever position he is applying. read

2002: Managing Editor:
... proved to be a man of his word, and if he committed to produce an article I came to know that I could always count on him coming through. His work was done with care and was always on schedule. read

2002: Publications Manager:
... would hire [John] in an instant if I had the opportunity. No one would ever be disappointed with his professional performance. read

1994: Senior Publications Manager:
... one of the best writers I know. His technical ability is superior. I believe he can master any technical writing assignment. read

1992: Systems Center:
... as a result of your outstanding contribution to a team effort, you have been selected to receive a team President's Award. read

1992: Software Developments International:
... your outstanding efforts ... attracted world-wide acclaim from Beta sites have certainly been appreciated. read

1991: Software Developments International:
... your continued exemplary performance and commitment to task completion has certainly been appreciated. read